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Welsh Government advice around BANG.

Bonfire Night

• Sadly Bonfire Night, like many other events, will be impacted by coronavirus.
• While we want people to enjoy themselves, we ask everyone to think how they can Keep Wales Safe this Bonfire Night and not spread coronavirus.
• There should be no organised public bonfires or firework displays this year, as outdoor gatherings of more than 30 people are not allowed anywhere in Wales.
• If you want to buy fireworks for use in your garden, you can. But fireworks are dangerous, and the added risks of coronavirus means you should think very carefully about doing so this year. If you do buy fireworks for your own use, you should always follow the Firework Code.
• Remember that any visitors to your garden are not allowed to enter your house. If a firework party in your garden turns into a party in your house, you will be breaking the law and putting everyone at risk of catching COVID.
• You shouldn’t set off fireworks in a park or other public open space. All local authorities in Wales have banned this.
• When you are outside your home, always observe social distancing.
• And stay at home if you or anyone in your extended household has symptoms.