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In the second half of Autumn Term, our topic will be Sensoria.


This topic explores our senses; especially sound and sight. 


Our linked text to start the topic will be Peter Pan: a boy who lives in a magical land full of sensational sounds, like the tick tock of a crocodile's clock or the chanting of Tiger Lily's camp. The main character also has an intriguing relationship with his shadow.


On our journey to Neverland we will write a poem, learn new skills on Garageband, look at how light is used in art and find out information about the Native Americans.



"To live would be an awfully big adventure" ~ J.M.Barrie

Our Topic:


Gods and Gladiators
The Romans


We are learning about what Gladiators did in the Colosseum, what the Roman Gods and Goddesses ruled and more about the lives, people and events of The Roman Empire. 



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