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Rise in cases

As you would have read in the letters I have sent in the last few weeks we have seen a rise in cases of COVID 19 within our school community. We are continuing to operate with our risk mitigation procedures in school in line with our risk assessment and implement our graduated response to rise in positive cases.  


Since the first case was confirmed we have enhanced our cleaning approaches, staggered the use of the staff room, all staff wear masks in communal areas and temporarily stopped integration between main stream and our base classes until we have 5 days without a positive case. This also means that no Key Stage assemblies have taken place since our return. 


Nearly all of our cases have been asymptomatic at the time of the test. The cases where there have been symptoms can I thank the parents for keeping their child at home and getting them tested quickly. 


Please remember if you have had your child tested, please email results to


As we move into the winter months we will very likely see an increase of colds, coughs and sniffles as is the case each and every year. We would appreciate your support by keeping any child who is unwell off school until  they are well enough to return.  


If they do present with symptoms of COVID 19 please isolate as a household and all book tests - as shown in the guidelines released by the First Minister.


In line with my graduated response to an increase in positive cases I strongly advise parents and carers to wear masks when they enter the school grounds - this is to keep everyone safe. 


The last few weeks have been challenging but by us all working together and ensuring we follow the rules we can keep everyone safe. 


Thank you for your continued support, 

Mr Jones