Pop Up Clubs

Pop up clubs are clubs that change every week, and are very exciting because you’re not doing the same thing every week. All of the children in the school council came up with the idea of having different clubs to let children try out lots of different activities after school. They asked classes to come up with ideas for clubs and voted on the pop up clubs that the children of Llangynwyd Primary School will be offered. We all agreed these clubs that are a good idea.

“I unequivocally believe that pop up clubs are brilliant ideas and I will definitely join one or two clubs offered,” said website co-ordinator Alice Stoyles.

It’s the first time clubs will be offered after school for Reception and Infants children. Among the activities after half term are healthy cooking, gardening, tennis and golf. If the clubs work and are well attended, Llan Dragons plan to repeat the idea in the Autumn term with new ideas for clubs!

Article written by website co-ordinator Alice Stoyles.