Llan Dragons


Llan Dragons is the name of the School Council/ Eco Committee. There are members from every class in the school, and we currently have 13 hard workers. They are elected by their class after running an election campaign in September and serve for one school year. Dragons make decisions that have a direct impact on the children's enjoyment of school, and work towards Eco Schools awards by thinking of ways to help to environment. They take advice and suggestions from their classmates, and we meet at least 3 times every term. Dragons are encouraged to participate in organising schools events and help build a display.

We are pleased to announce that we gained our first Eco Schools Green Flag award in June 2016 and the Healthy Schools Phase 4 award for our work on the Environment in the same month! This academic year, we are working towards the Healthy Schools Phase 5 award for work on Food and Fitness and hope to achieve our second Eco Schools Green Flag award in June 2018!