Poetry about Wales.

The following poems were written by pupils in Blue Class as part of our Eisteddfod celebrations. They have been published here as part of a whole class ICT project. We hope you enjoy them...


Imagine -

The amazing ball, spinning in the air towards

The team in red,

The bright, colourful light booming in the players

Eyes distracting them as they run,

The red fans supporting wales cheering like

Supporting the players to try.



The  resting daffodils growing gold in the smooth

Spring breeze,

Green leeks growing between the bright green grass

As the wing blows by,

Mountain standing tall like musical statues

Holding our attention.


Imagine –

Down the mines pitch black

With echoes of digging axes

Coal crunching the snapping twigs from the stony walls

Candles flickering like a dragons breath

Burning the whole town.

                                       By Pupil 1.


An army of players dive for the ball

As a crowed is singing wales

the rugby ball files through the post

Lights flashing and booming



A bunch of daffodils swaying in the wind

As leaks standing strong

The floppy welsh flag dances side to side

A smell of welsh cakes follow the air.

                                           By Pupil 2.


A filthy ball flying over a frozen field

Players desperately sprinting for the ball

Crowd cheering for a team of players dressed in red

As the ball is thrown over the try line.



Flocks of sheep majestically grazing on the lime green hill

Towering mountains with dancing poppies

Leeks and daffodils sprout with pride

Forests of trees with plants waving with life.



A mighty flag flapping in the distance

Crowds of people advancing

Green, red and white shine with pride

Whole country of Wales observing the amazing Welsh dragon.



Group of shadows trudging along in the glowing mines

Poor souls sitting in the busy streets without a speck to eat

Black and white TV producing great enlightenment.

                                                        By Pupil 3.