Welcome to Blue Class!
We are a mixed class of Year 3 and 4 pupils.
In Blue Class we enjoy learning, being creative and working together.

Our current topic this term is based on the world of Peter Pan

Journey to Shadowland


In Literacy,  the children will be performing and writing playscripts, learning how to explain things to an audience and writing stories.

In Numeracy, we will be looking at 2D and 3D shapes and their symmetry, multiplication and division.


Blue Class is shared by two teachers


Mrs Parry               Miss Thomas                                



Important Information:


 Reading Books     
 Please could all children bring their reading books to school every day. They do have a specific day they  will read on during the week and must have their reading pack on this day. Please read with your child at  home as much as possible, working on the Reading Target.

 Homework will be given on a Friday. Children should attempt to complete the homework independently  where possible. Please return the task by the following Tuesday.

 PE kit                  
 A PE kit of a t-shirt, dark jogging bottoms/leggings and trainers should be brought into school to  participate in PE sessions on a Wednesday afternoon.
 PE kits may be left on your child's cloakroom peg throughout the week.

 Those children who have chosen to take up the violin should bring their instrument every Friday.


We LOVE Big Maths in Blue Class!
Help your child level up by practising addition facts to 20, or times tables at home.

We complete our BEAT THAT tests on Fridays.

Look here for a game they use in class: 

Psst! It can be used on tablets too!

Have a go at your mental maths skills on j2launch!

You can also use the site for writing homework, completing data tasks or researching facts - on iPad or PC!

Active Learn Maths Games
Click above to log in!   ^ ^ ^

The following website is a great place to look for ideas to help children with their story writing. Make up stories to tell in class! 


Previous Work

In Autumn term ICT we adapted and made our own code to make Maths games!

Try them out below and have a go at creating your own at home: https://scratch.mit.edu/


In Spring Term we studied The Victorian Era

We asked questions like; what inventions were made in the Victorian era?

What subjects would children learn in school when Queen Victoria reigned?

In class the children had a Victorian Classroom experience - ask Brayden about the dunce's hat or Madison if she liked wearing the finger stocks! It was hard to be in a strict Victorian classroom but some pupils did like it!

At the start of summer term we studied Crime Scenes

What evidence do you need to collect at a crime scene?

How do the police catch the criminals?

The children were enthusiastic investigating officers as we explored questioning strategies and reporting evidence in a terrible iPad robbery. After looking at different evidence and linking foot size to height in a Science investigation, the class decided on Mrs Harris of Silver Class as our culprit!

The CCTV image was the final proof to prove her guilt.