Carreg Adventure

Day 1:

The children arrived safely. They then got settled into their rooms and learned to make their beds.  They then did orienteering and had a scavenger hunt before making a device to protect an egg. Unfortunately, their devises were tested by becoming the ball in a game of rounders!!! The eggs didn't make it

Day 2:

The children had a fab day building giant catapults (to fire water balloons at each other), doing a crystal maze style water challenge, saving the planet from a toxic waste spill (big jug of water) and competing the crate stack challenge where two children were one crate short of breaking the 'all-time carreg adventure world record' of 16 crates!

The children have enjoyed some delicious food, had a quiz and then played touch rugby.  Everyone slept well and are now up and ready to meet the challenges of Day 3.  

Day 3:

today the children have faced their biggest challenge...the ship’s ladder. A 40ft climb awaited the children in the forest. I was extremely proud to see so many children face this challenge with so much confidence. Those who felt a little more nervous didn’t let it hold them back and really rose to the challenge to conquer the ladder. Next up, the children built buggies and raced them around the field. They learnt cooperation and team work skills in the blind challenge where, unable to see, they had to navigate a difficult assault course through a forest. The children had loads of fun in their final afternoon session ‘bushcraft’ learning how to become mini bear grylls. After a lovely dinner, the traditional last night water fight began!!! A battle of epic proportions ensued with even Mrs G and Mr becoming dragged into the battle! Brilliant fun and all the children thoroughly enjoyed. Finally the children toasted marshmallows around a campfire whilst showcasing their talents with jokes, stories, singing and acrobatics. 


Everyone slept slept well after an exhausting day and are ready for day 4